One of the few electronic musicians who truly defy comparison, Pittsburgh's Xanopticon has been steadily and thoroughly annihilating dancefloors since around 2000AD. This fiendish bastard doesn't hesitate to carve new and horrifying neurological pathways into his victim's brains with razor-thin sonic shards of unknown alien origin. Will you dance? Or will you peel your obsolete flesh from your fragile, useless body? Reactions are as confounding and troubling as the catalyst.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ryan Friedrich is one of breakcore's most prominent producers. He has toured internationally and released music with several labels including Hymen Records, Peaceoff, Mutant Sniper, Zhark, Mirex, Cock Rock Disco, Entity and Tigerbeat6. His live shows are often noted for their intensity and his sound for its attention to detail, having been described by one journalist as "waves of breaks". Xanopticon's output features dramatic dynamics that alternate between frantic IDM/"post-drill & bass" and more subtle, melodic ambient music.

Ryan has also been busy mastering electronic music for such labels and artists as Void Tactical Media, /dev/null, Form and Structure, Thac0 Records, Dimentia, and Unmapped North.

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